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January 30, 2023
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Angry Young Men
January 2, 2006 at 8:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
The year has started very well: arrests, murders, fireworks victims and fire. In short, nothing special. I missed all the New Year's Eve conferences and while enjoying Henk Wijngaard and Peter Koelewijn, I didn't even know they were still alive, I had a gourmet meal with my parents. What hell.
Amazing how many people still hold on to music from before J.C. (Johan Cruijff that is). I died a thousand deaths when I heard "with the flame in the pipe" coming from Henk's mouth for the 6th time. I secretly hoped for a big blowtorch from the gourmet set that would scorch the house, but especially the television, in a sea of fire. Spontaneous spontaneous combustion of Henk and then Peter would have sufficed as well. I heard my father prefeeling that BZN was also present at that concert and he spontaneously showed me his self-burned DVDs of the Band that is Very Nasty.
Before we went gourmet, my brother and I lit the wood in the fire pit with a gas burner. Slowly I began to consider picking up that thing again. The pungent smell of burnt flesh woke me from my daydream. I obediently ate my 3rd burnt piece of steak to wake up the next day with a headache and heartburn. I think I'm starting to suffer from a New Year's Eve burnout!

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Angry Birds
It’s been a very hectic few weeks since I wrote my last blog post. Visitor numbers have definitely increased with the much-improved weather, and as a consequence it’s been all go here: conducting bird surveys, clearing brash (reducing the temptation for campers to build camp-fires), setting up camera traps, putting up ‘high fire risk’ signposts and removing evidence of fire-pits, while keeping constant tabs on visitor activity. This work requires a dedicated team and along with Kirstin, Jennie and the Cairngorms National Park Rangers, we’ve all been kept very busy. Visitors have been for the most part, extremely friendly and grateful for our service, which is always really motivating. Also, NatureScot have given me several fantastic training opportunities for essential skills over the past couple weeks, with various courses in Forfar and Forvie.

With the increased visitors, there are always a few issues arising and I foresee the potential for an increase in incidents of dogs ‘off-lead’, campfires or ‘firepits’ being lit and the possibility of unwanted water sports, all of which we need to discourage for the benefit of wildlife and public safety. It is fantastic that so many people want to enjoy the nature on offer here, but it is also very easy to forget that the Muir of Dinnet is a National Nature Reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Dogs can wreak havoc among ground nesting birds and resting waterfowl on the lochsides, firepits are a massive wildfire risk and any forms of water sports (other than wild swimming in the designated swim zones) can cause disturbance to waterfowl and separate ducklings and chicks from their parents, with disastrous consequences for their health and survival.

It is our job as rangers to monitor the frequency of these activities and liaise with the public to reduce these incidents, hopefully preventing them from happening altogether, by pointing out some of the negative impacts. There is a lot of ground to cover on a daily basis, though, so it keeps us on our toes. When we can interact with the public and explain how they can help keep the area safe and un-spoilt, it tends to be a really positive encounter. For example, explaining how firepit embers can continue to smoulder underground, setting off fully blown wildfires, sometimes weeks after having been lit, can come as a genuine surprise and shock to most visitors. They then appreciate and respect the need for safety, in order to guarantee everyone’s enjoyment. This job makes me realise that information is key, in order for the public to get the full benefit of the natural world around them and to play their part in protecting our shared wild spaces. For example, the general numbers of breeding birds on the lochs (especially Kinord) have increased from 2020, when there were considerably more water sports occurring there, so I think it is fair to say that the signage and information we are providing is definitely making a positive impact.

Kirstin has set me the task of capturing footage of various visiting wildlife around the reserve with camera traps. Over the past few weeks, I have been setting up cameras in the same locations (baited with some tasty treats in the form of peanuts which are very enticing) and gradually, over time, the results have become evermore promising. Recent species have included: Otter, Pine Marten, Red Squirrel, Grey Heron, extremely inquisitive Jays and even tree-climbing arboreal baby rabbits! The latter is definitely a first for me and probably for most people. Who knew kits (baby rabbits) would go to the lengths of climbing tree branches to eat peanuts?  It’s worth noting that when baiting areas with food such as peanuts, we do ensure that only a small amount is put out at irregular intervals, so that the wildlife doesn’t become dependent on it.

Another passion of mine is filming wildlife and I do work for a small film company, primarily as a wildlife cameraman. One huge advantage with having this job as a ranger is that you quickly learn where all the wildlife hotspots are. This is particularly useful knowledge to have when I have time off work to go filming some of the birds that I survey.

The title of this blog is called ‘Angry Birds’, and that is thanks to a pretty dramatic event which unfolded in front of my eyes, and thankfully, also my lens and viewfinder! Last Saturday, I got up early and decided to film the waterfowl on Loch Davan. I’d really hoped to film one of the Otters there, as I’ve seen them on several recent surveys, but this time to no avail.

It was a beautiful, tranquil, if rather uneventful morning, in terms of filming wildlife! That is, until I noticed a Mute Swan family emerge out of the reeds. The light was very decent, and the birds were happily swimming and foraging on the water. Phew! I wouldn’t be returning to the visitor centre empty handed now. And then, just before I was about to pack up my camera, I noticed the father ruffle his feathers and puff himself up to a good third larger than he really was. Four juvenile swans had landed on the other side of the loch and he had obviously seen their approach. I have never seen a swan swim so fast before. Mute Swans, the UK’s second heaviest flying bird (only the Great Bustard being heavier) are very territorial birds, males can weigh up to 12kg and can be extremely formidable in fights, so I knew what to expect. The father instantly waded in to defend his offspring and territory against these rowdy delinquents and before a fight even emerged (almost as soon as they landed in fact), the juveniles were off again, probably to Loch Kinord. What a sight to witness! Who needs Netflix when you can watch real life wildlife drama on your own doorstep? Not me! Well, unless it’s ‘Stranger Things’! Anyway, that’s all from me this week. Chat again soon. Take care, Danny.

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