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January 29, 2023
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Aaron (in Hebrew: ‏ אהֲרֹן, Aharon, in the XIV century BC?), in the Old Testament (respectively, in the Pentateuch or Torá of the Hebrew Bible), was the older brother of Moses.
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Aaron n. V. Aron.

source: Șaineanu, ed. VI (1929) added by blaurb. actions
Aron m. the older brother of Moses, the first high priest of the Jews (15th century BC).

source: Șaineanu, ed. VI (1929) added by blaurb. actions
Encyclopedic dictionaries
Encyclopedic definitions

Aaron (13th century BC), (in the Old Testament) biblical patriarch from the tribe of Levi, the eldest brother of Moses, the first priest instituted among the Jews according to God's command, foreshadowing the priest of the New Testament, Jesus Christ.

source: D.Religios (1994) added by blaurb. actions
AARON (in the "Old Testament"), the older brother of Moses. His. A. and his descendants were entrusted with the priesthood in Judea.

source: DE (1993-2009) added by blaurb. actions
AARON, Petru Pavel (1709-1764, b. Bistra, Maramureș county), Romanian cleric and scholar; united bishop of Transylvania (1752-1764). He organized the schools in Blaj. He supported the restoration and building of some churches and monasteries, the establishment of a printing house.

source: DE (1993-2009) added by blaurb. actions
AARON, Teodor (1803-1859, b. Țichindeal, Sibiu county), Romanian cleric and scholar. Professor and director of the Romanian gymnasium in Beiuș, rector of the Romanian Leopoldine seminary in Oradea. Contributions to the development of education (pedagogical and religious works).

source: DE (1993-2009) added by blaurb. actions
AARON, Vasile (1770-1822, born Glogoveț village, Alba county), Romanian poet. Works in verse and imitations of German, Italian, Latin and Greek literature ("History of Sophronimus and the Beautiful Map")

source: DE (1993-2009) added by blaurb. actions
AARON, Florian (1805-1887, born Rod village, Sibiu county), Romanian historian and publicist. Prof. at the Central School in Craiova, at St. Sava College and then at the University of Bucharest. Propagator of the ideas of the Transylvanian School in Wallachia. Participant in the Revolution of 1848. Among the first to emphasize the need to know national history ("Quick idea of the history of the Romanian Principality"). He founded, together with Georg Hill, the first daily newspaper in the country ("Romania", 1837).

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