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March 22, 2023
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Before getting on with our discussion on the EPRG approach we need to first establish why is it important to diversify into International operations? Some organizations give more autonomy to some local subsidiaries than others, but the general feeling is to have high integration across every branch worldwide. NASSCOM reserves the right to modify, suspend / cancel, or discontinue any or all sections, or service at any time without notice. From time to time NASSCOM may supplement these terms of use with additional terms pertaining to specific content .

strategy of nike

Global standardization is the flexibility to make use of commonplace advertising internationally. When centralized decision-making is in place, most important decision are made at the top; if decentralized decision making is in place, decision are delegated to operating personnel. Another issue is how decision-making is used to help the subsidiary respond to the economic and political demands of the country. Sometimes, these decisions are heavily economic in orientation and may concentrate on things such as return on investment for overseas operations. For example, the performance evaluation decisions of local personnel by expatriate managers are greatly affected by the expatriate’s cultural values ( cf. Hofstede, 1980b, 1991, 2001).

  • Typically, companies with a global presence or franchises refer to detailed course of documentation that ensures that the quality of their services or products is similar whatever the geographical location that a buyer visits.
  • There is little or no differentiation in products, price and promotional measures according to international market.
  • In Digital Marketing strategy of Nike you can check how Nike implemented women empowerment strategy effectively.
  • Before you leave, go through A BRIEF GUIDE FOR QUICK MARKETING TRAINING and brush up your professional marketing knowledge.

The discussion was brought to a panel comprising four experts from the home appliance industry, two currently with the industry and two had long association of twenty-five years with the appliance industry. The discussion was brought to a panel comprising four experts from the home appliance industry. Who followed low-cost strategies, have emerged and are mounting serious challenges to foreign competitors. Whirlpool invested U$ 200 million in Chinato what were originally four Joint Ventures. It invested U$ 200 in Indiafor two acquisitions and set up a global no frost refrigerator factory at a cost of U$ 100 million.

Transnational Strategy Examples

It needs many millions of US$ and substantial management time and expertise. For example, Coca Cola took many years to develop its current position in the world soft drinks market. For example, the highly successful multinational company PepsiCo dominates savoury snack products around the world. It does not use its Lays brand name in the UK, but employs Lays in much of the rest of the world. Historical reasons that began with the PepsiCo acquisition of Walkers, which was already UK market leader.

People start searching on the internet for constant updates of their favorite brands and Nike never misses an opportunity to delight them. Connecting with the customers through an emotional connection will help you to make your relationship stronger with your customer. They started to get a good profit out of it, whatever chances they got Nike strived hard to score that is the key to their success. Also, they keep in mind the additional features that are expected from their customers.

Earning the trust and delivering the promise has always been the core marketing strategy of NIKE. Rich local, cultural and historical traditions have dictated some attempts at product adaptation. Administrative edicts, such as recent Chinese government restrictions on the marketing of luxury have to be worked around.

Table 3 Global Drivers

The foremost need is to identify the ratio of standardization processes required versus a customizable leadership structure. Too much standardization of products and services could lead users in certain regional centers to disconnect. Until a few years ago, it was not easy to have multi-locational operations to deliver a product.

Product Climate Footprint – NORR Agency

Product Climate Footprint.

Posted: Fri, 03 Mar 2023 21:22:26 GMT [source]

For example, Disney cartoon characters or ‘Manchester United’ global standardization strategy exampleed soccer shirts. For some companies, their international activities have developed to such an extent that they essentially treat the world as one market with very limited variations for each country or world region. For example, the luxury goods company Gucchi sells essentially the same products in every country.

Understanding Product Life Cycle of Apple iPhone [E-Book] In this article, with the example of the Apple iPhone, I will explain its product life cycle. The various stages have certain characteristics and I shall be sharing them here. Along with that, I will also share some marketing strategies that you can use in every stage through my e-book. Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour Have you ever thought that why do you purchase a certain kind of products? The differences in EPRG orientations ultimately lead to companies involving in the market selection process differently.

Global Marketing Strategy of Nike [1971-2020] Success Story

In particular, MNCs are influenced by the path by which they developed and the values, norms, and practices of their management. Firms are, to a significant extent, captives of their past ( i. , their administrative and cultural heritage ) . MNCs as any organizations are symbolic entities; they function according to implicit models in the minds of their members, and these models are culturally determined .

Critical insecurities? The European Union’s trade and investment … – EJIL: Talk!

Critical insecurities? The European Union’s trade and investment ….

Posted: Thu, 23 Feb 2023 08:09:55 GMT [source]

You may recall how Dell was forced to change its in China as it faced competition from multiple quarters offering cheaper products, compared with its globally standardized products. McDonald’s suffered a major backlash in India for its food choices and was forced to change its menu. Ford’s attempt in the year 2000 to bring North America and Europe operations under one global umbrella cost the company over $3 billion in losses in Europe. Your business strategy is essential to organizing your operations and to setting and achieving your goals. Once you have a business strategy in place, then you can build your marketing strategy to support it. Even if companies have a global strategy, this takes years to develop and requires substantial resources.

Furthermore, decisions related to the foreign operations tend to be made in an opportunistic or ad hoc manner ( cf. box 7). Combined in four different types of decision-making processes consistent with the international, multinational, global and transnational strategies. A firm’s worldwide strategy is shaped not only by its current external environment but also by its past internal management biases.

Understand BCG Matrix, SWOT Analysis, Ansoff Matrix and many other important marketing frameworks just like an expert MBA professional would. Whereas a polycentric orientation would mean companies indulging in a very rigorous process for market selection. KFC has a ‘vegetarian thali’ and a Chana snacker to cater to vegetarians in India. Viacom’s MTV channels are branded according to the country they are operated in namely MTV India, MTC China, MTV Korea and many more. It hires more people from these nationalities and plays according to respective cultures. A geocentric approach makes it possible for businesses to be competitive wherever they are launched.

In many countries, it is not mass media campaign, money pumped into marketing and distribution that will bring result. A good understanding of the local market is a pre-requisite for success and the best way to ensure is through a joint venture global marketing partnerships or marketing tie-up with a local partner in the same business. This will enable the global firm to attain market supremacy at a much rapid pace. Honda, Renault, Suzuki, Swedish firm Forbes launched vacuum cleaner in India in 1980’s Starbucks , Sharp and several global brands by established their foothold in India through tie-ups with local companies. It must incorporate all functional aspects of a business from finance to operations to R&D.

Believed to be an antithesis of regionalization for the longest time, globalization is now being touted as a sum total of several regional tracks. The pandemic has especially made it essential to rely on regional or local resources, but still, be global in approach and delivery. Coca-Cola is by far the best example of a marketing strategy that is local yet global. It’s important that marketing/advertising messages fit the beliefs and tradition of the citizens in each country. From the perspective of some international non-governmental organisations like Oxfam and Medicin sans Frontières, the global strategies of some – but not necessarily all – multinational companies are regarded with some suspicion.

international strategy

For example, by using common communication tools or software across different departments, the company can save on resources and time spent training employees on new procedures. In addition, by adopting standardized processes, the company can ensure that all operations are conducted with uniformity and accuracy. Consumers may also get the advantage of with the ability to mix and match components of a system to align with their particular preferences. Once these preliminary advantages of standardization are realized, additional benefits that accrue to customers on account of using the standard are driven mostly by the quality of the applied sciences underlying that commonplace. In the context of information change, standardization refers to the process of developing standards for specific enterprise processes using specific formal languages. As a enterprise proprietor, a key component to your marketing strategy is probably going tips on how to promote your product.

Therefore, to marketers, understanding the characteristics of each segment that will either help or hinder the adoption of an innovation is important. KPIs are critical elements of your business strategy, as they tell you whether you’re meeting your goals. This ensures you will have accurate updates on the progress and success of each of your projects. A business strategy is no good if it doesn’t include an action plan that outlines how and when set goals will be met.


Product standardization means marketing a product in international market with some or little changes except for some cosmetic changes such as modifying labeling and packaging as per the countries regulation. The products with high technological intensity such as heavy equipment, microprocessor, plant and machinery, hard disks, projectors, etc are marketed as standardized products in the international market. Moreover, who doesn’t want a cheap and good quality product in today’s world? IKEA highlights its global marketing strategy by putting more light on low prices offered, along with decent quality standards, which in turn enables them to capture the global middle class target. The strategy adopted by the company primarily focuses on Guerilla Marketing. The development of modern communication technology makes distant markets more similar to each other, which makes it harder to lead a separate pricing policy at home and abroad.

products and services

The best way to illustrate differences in decision-making styles in the international arena is to give some comparative examples ( cf. box 5). Your business strategy is in place – operations are clear, staff are motivated and KPIs have been set. Now it’s time to put a marketing strategy in place to help achieve your business goals. In a multi-domestic strategy, the product offered in each country is tailored to local needs. In a global strategy the ‘standardized product’ developed is used in different country with minimum modifications/adaptations.

As several companies have found, however, such efficiency comes with some compromise of both flexibility and learning. In competitive platform and process of globalization, there is strong pressure on managers and academicians to reconsider the formulation of global business strategy. To summarize, Global marketing strategy must be pursues to gain competitive advantages. It has been documented in literature that Global marketing strategy requires a new way of thinking about global marketing operations (Jean-Pierre Jeannet, 2005). There are many types of global marketing strategies which marketers develop to success in world market. Once a firm has decided that pursuing a global standardization strategy is necessary, it must determine which areas of product design need improvement.

The global mind-set is characterized by a different view of the opportunities and the facts of the world market. It is more encompassing than the domestic, international, multinational, or even panregional perspective. It is a new, truly different aspect in managerial thinking that transcends conventional labels and shapes the outlook of global marketers. The marketing manager who develops a global mind-set will need knowledge about the world markets encompassing key market knowledge, economic knowledge, political knowledge, cultural knowledge, historic knowledge, geographic knowledge. Marketing managers who want to plot strategy with a global mind-set will be challenged to process the massive amount of data they obtain in different ways.

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